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  • Nancy Ausley (Wednesday, September 06 23 02:40 pm EDT)

    Mrs. Elvington, Virgie Anderson asked me to contact you and confirm your date to speak at our church. We have you for Sunday, 09/17/2023. Please confirm by calling 910-890-6491, Nancy Ausley-Secretary.

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  • Michael Blanton (Sunday, July 02 23 01:05 pm EDT)

    Hello! You are in my prayers . You are a great woman of God!

  • Mike Wilson (Tuesday, May 30 23 12:14 pm EDT)

    There are a number of serious errors on your website.
    I can send you a screenshot of those errors if you would like.
    Mike Wilson

    (714) 500-7363

  • Mike Wilson (Tuesday, May 30 23 01:53 am EDT)

    There are a number of serious errors on your website.
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  • Sheri Bain (Monday, March 27 23 02:51 pm EDT)

    Hi Phyllis, I pray God is continuing to bless you and your ministry. Years ago, you lead a women’s conference at Lebanon Baptist Church in Eastover North Carolina. We would love to talk about having you back in the spring of 2024. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Casey Grice (Thursday, January 12 23 08:56 am EST)

    Good morning! My name is Casey and I am the manager at Green Sea Floyds Senior Center. I am not sure what your schedule is like but I was wondering if you would like to come sometime and have devotion. We typically set aside time on Thursdays just for that but if you were able and willing to come another day I could definitely make it work. Just let me know, I look forward to hearing from you! Have a blessed day!

  • Jackie (Sunday, October 23 22 02:53 pm EDT)

    Hi Phyllis, I need to ask you a sensitive question. I see on your website that you filled in as interim Pastor for 2 years so I assume you must teach both men and women. Do you consider yourself a pastor?
    Thank you.

  • Phyllis Elvington (Saturday, October 15 22 08:27 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much, Jennifer, for those precious words of encouragement. To God be the glory!
    Please call me at +18434210555 and we can definitely work together to make that happen.
    Mrs. Phyllis

  • Jennifer Leggett (Saturday, October 15 22 06:11 pm EDT)

    Oh Mrs. Phyllis, What a joy and honor to hear you not only once but twice this year. You were wonderful at Fort Caswell and then again at Juniper Baptist church today. We are trying to plan a Woman's Retreat at our church. We would love to have you be the speaker if at all possible. Please let us know if this is something that you would be interested in. Thank you so much and thank you for sharing God's word with us!! Blessing to you and family!

  • Phyllis Elvington (Monday, October 03 22 02:54 pm EDT)

    Hi Shawn!
    We did make it through—Praise the Lord!
    Please call me at +18434210555 and we can discuss the details about a possible retreat/conference.

  • Shawn Leagan (Monday, October 03 22 12:10 pm EDT)

    Good Morning Phyllis!
    I hope everything your way was protected through our recent storms. I have a question for you. I feel lead by the Lord to organize a women's meeting for our church. It's very heavy on my heart. We are a small church outside of Smithfield NC that has been able to remain active through the pandemic and lock downs. Our pastor refused to shut down. Praise God! Now I feel led to research something for the church/the women/the community. I wanted to ask you if you were available and how I would inquire about discussing things with you. I am in the fact finding mode at this point. Let me know if you have any questions or need some more information.

    In Christ Love from Pisgah Baptist Church,
    Shawn Leagan

  • Sherry C Thomas (Wednesday, September 28 22 05:12 pm EDT)

    I just found this website. For a second I thought you were missing in action. Looking forward to seeing you.

  • Lisa Hargette (Sunday, September 04 22 08:22 am EDT)

    Availability for Ladies Retreat
    Carraway Sophia, NC
    October 20-22, 2023
    Echoes of Mercy/Passing Your Legacy

  • Sandy Conaway (Monday, July 18 22 12:29 pm EDT)

    Good afternoon, We are wanting to have a Womens conference at our Church, Fist Baptist Walnut Cove . We wanted to check to see if you would be available on September 17th 2022 for a conference. we are located in Walnut Cove NC

  • Christine M Brown (Tuesday, June 14 22 01:24 pm EDT)

    Will you be back near Asheboro any time soon.

  • Tracie Luck (Thursday, May 26 22 12:15 pm EDT)

    I so enjoyed your event at Balfour Baptist Church in Asheboro. I learned so much from you. I have memorized my Ten Commandments and have memorized 3 scriptures and plan to continue to memorize one a week. You are a Godsend and I just wanted to thank you!


    Tracie Luck

  • Renee Renee Nelson (Monday, May 16 22 12:24 am EDT)

    Ms Phyllis,
    I wanted send my morning church was awesome, The preacher didn't even preach....prayer service only.

  • Fred Walker (Wednesday, December 15 21 04:06 pm EST)

    I was looking at your website and noticed it appears the word "Priviledge" is spelled wrong. I had similar problems on my site until someone mentioned it to me and I also now use software from to keep my site error free.

  • Brittany Moore (Friday, May 14 21 10:00 pm EDT)


  • Alisha Houston (Monday, May 10 21 08:54 am EDT)

    Hi Phyllis,
    I am the Women’s Ministry director and pastors wife at Mt Vernon Baptist in Boone, NC.
    We are having a prayer breakfast on June, 5th and I was wondering if you have any availability to come and share with us on the topic of prayer?

  • Edwina Mclamb (Tuesday, May 04 21 10:53 pm EDT)

    Hey Phyllis, you don’t know me really, although you’re my favorite women’s event speaker EVER! I’ve heard you many times at Ft. Caswell, and you even prayed over me regarding being an inspirational speaker myself. Yeah, I did it a couple of times since then, even at one of the women’s retreats at Ft. Caswell. Maybe it’s not my calling. 😂 Phyllis, we’re having our first ever women’s banquet at Salem Baptist Church where my husband is the pastor in Sneads Ferry North Carolina on Saturday, May 22nd, just a few miles from North Topsail Beach. We had a former pastor’s wife scheduled to speak and something has happened, and she’s had to cancel. I know it’s so very last minute and I know your schedule is always full, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I was wondering if that may be something you might could do? The theme is “Seasons if Life.” We have a young lady checking around for another speaker, and she may have found one, (I doubt it) but I thought of you. Is that even a slim possibility?

  • Billy Hill (Monday, April 19 21 01:50 pm EDT)

    Hello miss Phyllis.
    My name is Billy Hill pastor at Rocky Mount Baptist Church in Polkton N.C. If you are available May 9th (mothers day) we would love for you to come and speak to us. you can reach me @704-985-8507 Thank you and I look forward to hear from you.

  • Heather Lindsey (Monday, March 29 21 02:58 pm EDT)

    Hi Phyllis, I was at the Women's Conference this past weekend with Gospel Baptist church. I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching and you! I look forward to seeing and hearing you again. Happy Easter!

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  • William Walker (Sunday, May 17 20 05:57 pm EDT)

    Dear friends in Christ please pray for me and my mother Nancy

  • Brenda S. Leonard (Sunday, January 26 20 04:56 pm EST)

    Dear Phyllis, Central Baptist Church in Lexington NC would like to extend an invitation for you to come for a Saturday Women's Conference. Would you possible be available on September 19 or October 3, 2020?

  • Teresa (Sunday, October 13 19 11:42 am EDT)

    Please send schedule for remainder of 2019 and mandates for 2020. Thank you!

  • Teresa (Sunday, October 13 19 11:33 am EDT)

    Hello Ms. Phyllis. My nice called me after attending your program on 10-13-19 she was very inspired. Please send schedule for Oct- Dec. 2019. Thank you

  • Deborah Suttles (Friday, August 30 19 08:30 am EDT)

    Are you going to be updating your calendar soon?

  • Kim Smith (Tuesday, August 13 19 12:36 pm EDT)

    Hi Phyllis, Just needed to get your current mailing address for the Cabarrus Baptist Sr. Adult Rally on October 1st.

  • Dustin N. (Thursday, July 18 19 02:36 am EDT)

    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.

  • Deborah Suttles (Tuesday, June 11 19 09:40 am EDT)

    Calendar update, please. Thanks.

  • SANDRA BENTLEY (Monday, May 27 19 03:33 pm EDT)

    Hi Phyllis this isSandra Bentley with the Brier Creek Baptist associationyou came and spoke to our association a few years ago in hamptonville North Carolina and I was wondering if you were available again for August 17th 9 to 12

  • Trudy Ballard (Tuesday, April 02 19 10:02 am EDT)

    We would like to have you come and speak at Pleasant Grove Baptist
    Church.what would it cost and when could you come.WMU

  • Carolyn Jones (Thursday, March 14 19 07:22 pm EDT)

    Hello Phyllis, I heard you are doing a retreat at Caswell in September. Can you tell me details? First Baptist Smithfield probably wants to go. Thanks.

  • Linda T Wilson (Sunday, March 03 19 05:33 pm EST)

    Phyllis, you’re such a blessing to so many of us. Flat Springs is looking forward to your next visit.
    I pray God will bless all your efforts and give you and Charles safe travels.
    After lunch today my husband Larry and Charles were talking and I was so glad. Larry is a little shy? it was good to meet Charles after all these years.
    I really feel God’s presence every time I hear you speak.
    Linda Wilson

  • Leigh Woolsey (Monday, November 06 17 07:29 am EST)

    What time will you be speaking in Dunn NC on the 18th

  • Ashley Faircloth (Thursday, October 15 15 05:35 am EDT)

    Caswell Women's Retreats
    Mrs. Phyllis,
    I had never heard of you before I attended the Eastern Baptist Association WMU Women's Retreat this past March, 2015. I have been to Caswell several times on this retreat, some of my older friends
    had seen you speak before. I LOVED it! You are hilarious, VERY knowledgeable of the Bible and your message was powerful and wonderful. You have challenged me to read my bible daily, I won’t say
    everyday has been a victory, but more often than not. I have been reading a lot and praying a lot more since I heard your message. I even encouraged my fiancée to read more once I returned with some
    of your insight. I am 34 years old and have been a Christian for more than half my life, there is no good reason not to have read the whole Bible. No more excuses. When I heard that you were going to
    be speaking at Caswell this weekend, NC %26 SC WMU Oct. 2015, I couldn’t wait to sign up! God bless you and your ministry, I know you have helped changed my life.


  • Billie Jordan (Wednesday, April 29 15 04:54 am EDT)

    WMU Celebration, New River Baptist Association, Jacksonville, NC
    Phyllis, I can't tell you what your visit and message last week meant to me and the ladies who were present. I received so many wonderful comments. Some of the comments made were about new groups to
    form and new missions to accomplish. Between you and my pastor John Lewis, I feel like I'm having my own private revival. Hopefully I can help it spread. May God bless you mightily! Please kiss
    Charles for us and tell him we hope he is well by now.

  • Lynette Nobles (Saturday, March 21 15 05:05 am EDT)

    You are SOOOOO FUNNY!!!
    My daughter and I attended the Eastern Baptist Association retreat. We were wondering who the speaker was as we were last minute guests of my mother. Someone pointed you out. Humm... Well! We laughed
    SO hard at your funny comments and stories! Thank you for challenging me to spend more time in God's book than in man made books and junk online and on TV. We hope to hear you again, soon! Lynette

  • Mellinee Hunt (Sunday, February 08 15 01:21 am EST)

    Tour of Tables at Caswell Beach, NC Beach Road Baptist
    You have changed my prayer life forever. My husband and I will now pray together forever. I was touched in such a way by your message both days of the Tour and after speaking with you can't imagine
    what a more perfect God we have. Thank you again for taking time to come bless us ladies with your heart and mind. You are a blessing to so many.

  • Delores Thomas (Monday, January 12 15 02:10 am EST)

    Windows of the Heart
    Phyllis, we just need to verify the date we have you down for speaking at the Windows of the Heart gathering this fall. Please give me a call.
    Love you, Dee

  • Charlie Bedsole (Monday, October 06 14 08:02 pm EDT)

    NSRBA Senior Luncheon
    Phyllis, Thank you so much for your message and humor at the NSRBA Luncheon. I didn't bring my bible but I took many notes. You were a blessing to many, thank you.


  • Jeanette Sellars (Monday, June 02 14 01:30 am EDT)

    Solid Rock Community Church women's conference
    Phyllis, thank you so much for the message on boldness Saturday at our conference. The women could not stop talking about it Sunday. Even the men were discussing it. You are such a gift from God and
    you were certainly a blessing to me and the the women attending from church. Pastor Scott challenged the men to get busy and set up a conference. Thank God for you and your testimony. God Bless.
    Jeanette Sellars

  • Elizabeth Boling (Wednesday, May 07 14 05:13 am EDT)

    Sheriff's Prayer Breakfast, Brunswick County
    Mrs. Phyllis, I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for you being our guest speaker at the 4th Annual Sheriff's Prayer Breakfast in Brunswick County. Your message was a blessing to me and
    everyone in attendance. I have received so many compliments on the Prayer Breakfast and I thank God for being in the midst of everything that was shared, especially you for the five points that you
    expressed were very important in our daily lives. One of our local Pastor's that was in attendance told me he felt the presence of the Lord in that service more than he does in most churches. May God
    Bless you and your family in your ministry. Thank you again! In God's Love!
    Elizabeth Boling
    Assistant to Sheriff
    Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

  • Vickie Parker (Thursday, October 31 13 04:31 am EDT)

    Friendly Hello
    My Dear Phyllis,
    I want you to know you are being prayed for everyday! I'm still feasting on the blessings of this past weekend's WMU Retreat at Ridgecrest! Thank you again for coming and refreshing our spirits in
    the Lord! Please thank Charles for driving you! (Bless him).
    Vickie Parker

  • Roxanne Davis (Saturday, October 26 13 04:43 am EDT)

    WMU Retreat at Ridgecrest
    Hello Phyllis, just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your speaking at our WMU Retreat. I left there bound and determined to accept the challenges that you put out there for us, one of them being
    to sink myself in Gods Word and read the Bible all the way through. Just wanted to say thank you.

  • Ellen Baber (Sunday, September 15 13 03:29 am EDT)

    Beaver Creek Conference
    Hi Phyllis,
    I heard your message at a New Ministers Wives Conference several years ago, so I was so excited to get information on the conference at Beaver Creek. I knew I was going to hear you, and felt led to
    give our ladies an opportunity to hear your message, and they are STILL talking about it! I know of at least one person who made some major decisions that day because of what God told her through
    your message. And yes, we all still say "sure"and giggle about it! your message, combined with a Chip Ingram study on marriage that we are doing for Bible Study, has made a major difference in the
    lives of our ladies and their marriages.Thank you for following God's call!

  • Betty Dupuy (Sunday, March 03 13 01:32 am EST)

    Ladies Night Out@Live Oak United Methodist Church, Watson, La
    Dearest Phyllis,
    I wanted to let you know how meeting you Friday night has already impacted my life.
    First some background info.:I have a 36 yr.old daughter, Amie, and a 34 yr.old son, Joshua. Your reference to speaking at the funeral of your first cousins 36yr.old child who committed suicide REALLY
    made me realize the Lord was speaking thru you to me as a Mother! That in conjunction with the story of your 18yr.old praying with you and saying "I'm ready Mama"touched my heart. My daughter and I
    have had a "roller coaster" like relationship since the separation of her Dad and myself. However thru prayer and patience, and the Lord putting the best people in my life over the past 4 yrs. we
    have, THANK YOU JESUS!, BECOME CLOSER THAN EVER! That said, she called me to ask how your speaking appearance was, which was my cue to seize the opportunity to tell her your story of your son and how
    you pray together! I told her how inadequate I was feeling about how I raised her as a child,and perhaps had failed her as a Mother in that respect! Being the respectful, kind person she is, she
    began to tell me she HAD brought forth the knowledge of the "IMPORTANCE" OF GOD's presence in her life. I replied that was great to hear, but please just say, "I FORGIVE YOU, MOM", AND SHE DID! I
    told her I didn't want her to wake up @61 yrs.old and see she should've done more for her 4 boys! Our conversation went on and on. We agreed to pray for her brother every day so he may accept Jesus
    as his Savior. This is such a breakthrough!!! THANK YOU!! Please put JOSHUA MICHAEL DUPUY ON YOUR PRAYER LIST. I know God is going to give me the opportunity to have a breakthrough with my son also.
    He is no longer even communcating with me, but I KNOW THRU GOD AND PRAYER ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Oh yeah and as long as God has his disciples as yourself, Phyllis.

    the MAIL LADY,

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