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Phyllis E. Elvington is a resident of Green Sea, SC, and an active member of Tabor City Baptist Church. She and her husband, Charles, have three children. Well known in Baptist circles for her energetic, uplifting and well-prepared style, she is also quite busy as a speaker/leader for Bible studies, missions studies and prayer retreats in North and South Carolina.

-She is an awesome woman of God who loves to laugh. But don't forget to bring your Bible, she has a Bible check!

Phyllis now has 4 books for sale!

1 Book--$5.00 (add $1.00 for shipping)
3 books--$15.00(add $2.50 for shipping)
All 4 books--$20.00(add $2.50 for shipping)

Please email Phyllis at  phylliselvington@gmail.com to order these books!

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